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Medousa is a work of myth-based fantasy, set in ancient Greece. It is a re-telling of the myth of Medousa from her own point of view. It focuses on Medousa’s struggles to find love and acceptance as she tries to retain the best parts of her humanity while living under a Goddess’ curse. The book traces her life, from her childhood as a slave in Sparta, to her death at the hands of Perseus on a remote island at the end of the world. We come to know the woman Medousa was, rather than the monster we think we know.

Wednesday's Child

How Christianity helped to ruin my life, and how an ill-fated relationship helped to save me. This memoir is a thinly fictionalized account of how I became religious, how doubts were sown, and how I sloughed off the manacles of superstition. Names have been changed, descriptions altered, and images blurred in order to protect the guilty.

Nabu's Ignominy

Nabu's Ignominy is a small collection of poems, short stories, and nonsense parables I have composed over the years. I had waited for several years to put together a poetry book, a collection of short stories, and so on. But not being a particularly prolific writer, I got tired of waiting, and decided that I should stop procrastinating, collect the best of my doggerel, and publish it in a "chapbook." The result of that decision is Nabu's Ignominy. Nabu is, of course, the Ancient Mesopotamian God of Writing and Literature