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Hello and welcome to Epikoros Publishing, the personal website of author Michael F. Butchin. Here, you can find information about my writing, my hobbies, my work, and leisure activities, not all of which are as boring as they sound.


Epikoros Publishing was born in 2020 when I decided that I wanted more control over the publication and distribution of my books. While there are many fine self-publishing services available online these days, it is my goal to be able to see my own work on the shelves of brick-and-mortar book shops and libraries. Additionally, I am keen to support, as much as I can, local independent book stores servicing independent authors. 


"Epikoros" is a Hebrew word that derives from the name of the philosopher Epicurus of Samos, and it hearkens back to the days of Alexander, when Hellenism was seen by the devout and the traditional as an alien influence on Jewish culture. The term came to be used for any apostate who forsook the Traditions and Faith of our people. I chose the name because much of my work contains rather religiously recusant themes. 


While I am indeed a non-observant Jew-- indeed, I am an atheist-- I prefer to think of myself as following after the examples of Spinoza, Wittgenstein, Einstein, or Sagan. Although I am non-observant, I do still consider myself Jewish, and continue to identify with my community and stand in solidarity with them.


...So far as Reason, Logic, Empiricism, and human Empathy will allow, at any rate.

And just to allay any possible resulting concerns; no, I am not a publisher of religious or anti-religious reference work. My preferred idioms are Fantasy, Memoir, and in fullness of time, Science Fiction.


Welcome to my website! I promise to do my best to update my blogs, events, and happenings on at least a semi-regular basis!