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A Fresh New Start

Welcome to my "new and improved" website, complete with an integrated blog page! I had previously tried to use Google's Workspace to set up my author's website, however, it soon became apparent that Google's service was more suitable for someone with a business, employees, and so on. And, the website I had set up had no blog functions built in; I had to use my WordPress blog if I wanted one at all.

This new site, hosted by the Author's Guild, is far more streamlined, has both website and blog functions rolled into one, and is easier to use. I will still continue to use my old WordPress blogof course; it still has certain functions I like that this site does not have (as far as I know). Besides, I'd still like my readers to have access to previous posts. There may be a certain amount of repetition between the two blogs, but I will try to keep that to a minimum, if I can. Perhaps I can confine this blog to my more literary pursuits, and my own "writing news," and post more mundane, personal, slice o' life posts over on the other? 

Well, we'll see. 

For now, I'm just glad to be here. And if there's anything anyone out there would, in particular, like me to talk about, please let me know!

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